Friday, June 08, 2007

Sea-shell Things (an ode to Youtube greatness)

Last night a group of us went night riding up in an undisclosed Marin country location. We left the parking lot around 9:00pm, and got back around 11:30pm. In the intervening several hours, boys evolved into men as we each grew individually and collectively, emotionally and existentially.

Two of us rode our single speeds. I love single speeds. They rules. I like single-speed things, like bikes with only one gear, and placemats and tablecloths with single speeds printed on them. I want to throw a single speed party and invite you.

Whose single speed is that? I ain’t never paying for no single speed ever again. Not once, not never.

I am Mr. single speed. If you need single speed things sorted, you come to me.

However, in spite of my amour for single speeds – their zen-like simplicity and almost meditative quality - I often times think that it would super cool if they made single speeds that, at the flick of a thumb-mounted switch, allowed one to swap out rear cogs from, say, 16 to 18 teeth. That would be super cool and would make me love single speeds even more.

Lighthouses rule.