Friday, June 01, 2007

1972 ABM Treaty

It is my unfortunate journalistic responsibility to inform you, my most loyal readership, that founding Google Earthlings team member Tasha has withdrawn as a member of our proud organization. Commencing immediately, she will bear not affiliation nor association to our team and/or the moniker under which we’ve collectively united - at least with regards to our forthcoming race.

I think there must be some kind of rock band analogy I could present to you in an abstract sense; something about a member of the band leaving for lame reasons and then seeing the band rise to greatness. I'm not clever enough to think of one, however.

You might wonder why such a drastic maneuver on her part? Why the sudden career suicide with respect to corporate athletic-sponsorship in the name of fun? Why one would purposefully withdraw from such a well recognized, well respected, and well organized group such as the Google Earthlings?

Email snippets to the team by Tasha dated May 17th, 2006 provides but only a small clue as to her true rationale:

so sorry to be lame, but I am exhausted from traveling…and I'm not bailing b/c of the fact, I already sold the tickets.

Apparently, 7 weeks prior to the race, Tasha feels that she is too tired to compete in the event and that 7 weeks time isn’t sufficient for her to catch up on sleep such that she would be physically capable of joining us for 4 or so 12 mile laps over the course of 24 hours.

I almost fear for her general well-being given her concern over not being able to rest up for the race. I just read that Lindsey Lohan withdrew from the cast of a forthcoming film due to ‘exhaustion’. I wonder if her and Tasha are similarly afflicted.

On a brighter, less betraying note, we’ve quickly made moves to spread the world throughout the industry and have recruited a new member to our proud team.

Please take a minute to welcome our newest team member: Bob Mohan. I’m sure Bob will take a minute soon to introduce himself to you, our most excitable readership. Bob is a stand-up guy who wears a size L jersey and rides a red Spot single speed.


dave b said...

does somebody need to sit in the timeout corner?

Me, Myself, & I said...

Possibly - is there is cream and/or a bubble-tape dispenser there?

Ancient Clown said...

Hi BOB, welcome to the team.
your humble servant,
ancient clown

Anonymous said...



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