Saturday, June 09, 2007


I'm due for my first night lap in about 1 hour. It's 9:00pm or so, so that leaves me with a 10ish to 11ish lap, under the moon and stars. Being 8 or so miles from the ocean, it gets cold here damn fast once the sun is gone. The sun is gone and it's damn cold here.

So my 2nd lap was amazingly inspiring and amazingly frustrating. Birdsong's cousin offered me some Ginseng + B12 cocktail right before I hit the trails, and it really gave me an energy buzz to that got me all the way from the start to the top of Hurl Hill (aptly named) before I was really feeling tired. However, I was absolutely plagued with mechanicals from about the top of Hurl Hill all the way until I got back. My chain must have fallen off at least 10 times, always at the worst times as I was bombing down single track or down fire road. I was really frustrated by this as I was on target to make an absolute killer lap time, probably 1:03 or so. But it wasn't meant to be, as not only did I drop my chain a bunch, but I actually lost my rear brake about 4 miles from the end. Ugh...

Lap highlight was barreling down some single track and hearing my name called out. Turned out to be none other than Forrest Arakawa taking pictures of the riders. He made a point of screaming to the 3 people behind me that they were 'riding behind a legend, an absolute legend!'


Anyway, I'm in my tent now, well fed, hydrated, and hopefully prepared for a lap in the dark.

Here's a picture from earlier today. Possibly our competition, though who knows at this place.

And here's Bob + Birdsong, doing something that I am unsure of.


CoralPoetry said...


Congrats on becoming a blog of note. Your hobby looks a bit sweaty but your beautiful countryside probably makes all the difference. I hate cycling thru busy towns and cities.


Struggling Writer said...

Congratulations on being named a Blog Of Note. I read your Blog with great interest and a little envy - being a rather lazy tyke when I was younger I never really learned how to ride a bike, and I have very little time at the moment to start learning now. Keep up the good work, both on the bike and on the Blog! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you were having a lot of fun. Personally it's not really my cup o' tea but but glad that you like it.

Adrian said...

congratulations for blog of note! ;););)

Dan said...

hey, nice blog u got here man, u seem to have a lot of fun, and congrats for the blog of note u now own! :D

Matt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
R2K said...

: )

Sharkie said...

*love* the team dork tshirt!

Anonymous said...



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