Friday, June 08, 2007

Breath With Me

While riding hard, pushing yourself, having fun, and ‘getting at it’ are all important qualities to pursue whilst racing mountain bikes; equally if not more important is looking damn good whilst pursuing them.

Admittedly, this isn’t that much of a challenge for me. However, I have made some moves lately to assist with my already graceful on-trail style and grace.

The first of such moves was to replace my old CamelBak with a new one that matched my hazel eyes, appreciation of fall in New England, and that would provide me with the confidence needed to enter any room and/or trail looking my best.

As you can see, a dramatically significant change from what I used to use for hydration purposes. I’m not even certain my team-mates will recognize me.

In laying out my new CamelBak last evening, I had the pleasure of selecting which of the items that I would be riding with would go in which of the two pockets available to hold them. While to many this might seem an overwhelming and perhaps daunting process, with a degree of decisiveness not seen since Napoleon’s determined march on Russia despite the harsh climate, I quickly placed the items where they most naturally belonged, and where they were most likely to best define me as a person.

Here is what I decided upon (with a swiftness) :

Your feedback, my analytically pedantic readership, is most appreciated.



Anonymous said...

Would you ever consider using a Deuter backpack from their protection range?

ZannyAnn Zapedzki said...

that's one cool back pack.

pleasant peninsula said...

Artur said...

nice .

Matei Domnita said...

Nice setup, and a nice backpack

Anonymous said...



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