Thursday, October 19, 2006

Unofficially Official

The preliminary results are in and I've got some good news and some bad news.

The good news? My 1 and only official race lap was actually 1:29. Pretty sweet.

The bad news? Dylan's lap wasn't even counted, leaving a 1:36 idle time between John and myself and putting your beloved Earthlings in 3rd to last place in the 5 person coed category. Before the race, the organizers announced that they had technical difficulties with some of the RFIDs and some small number of racers had been deleted from the database. They assured us that the problem would be fixed.

And they've decided to call the race at 8pm, making it 8 hours of Moab. It was probably the fairest call to make, but definitely a tough one. The official communique has more details on the decision;
The race course had some of the scariest conditions ever encountered at this epic event. Racers on-course during the deluge experienced waist-deep flash-floods, chain-binding, brake-pad wearing mud that forced many into walking mode, gaping erosion ditches that seemed to appear out of nowhere and most dangerously of all, bone-chilling cold that brought many to near hypothermia.

...Some teams asked if the canceling of a lap (allowable under the rules in normal racing situations) would be allowed for this course closure situation. The race director allowed lap canceling, as per the rules. Canceling a riders lap would allow a team to forego a very slow, cold, night-lap that would create a late starting split time at re-start and instead give them the opportunity to start early in the re-start and race that lap in much faster conditions in the morning. However, not all teams were aware of this strategic choice and some teams, in fact many of the teams in the lead who had just gone out on their lap were not able to take advantage of this strategy and significant inequities where created.

I've been in touch with the organizers to try to get our results fixed up before they're finalized. Either way we all had a great time riding our bikes, hanging out in the desert, and talking Google. Here's to seeing Dylan's lap counted!


Ryan.Arp said...

Hope you guys had a good time, regardless of the conditions!

Shaun said...

Ahh I'm sure you had a blast!

** Shaun **
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Dmitry said...

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Calabar Gal said...

The important thing is to have had fun and it looks like you guys did have loads.

Chak said...

As you said, you got a pretty nice result at the first race....just enjoy :) said...

Keep least you're doing good for your health. I always try to push everyone to exercise. Adding a little fun to it allows exercise to fall seemlessly into everyday life.

Alex said...

Cool idea for a page.

Alexandre said...

Nice blog :-)

Levi said...

Sweet, I need to get out to Moab sometime.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog, it's pretty interesting.

pedalhard said...

Have my first 12 hour race this coming April and got a kick out of reading your blog. Actually has a ton of greta information in it for first time endurance racers. Might even have to check out Google Earth!

PedalHard said...


I was passing by and your site caught my eye :O)

Nice blog !

See you,

VeroMaxx said...

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