Sunday, October 15, 2006


As you may know, the 24 race was postponed for some 12 hours because of insane, dangerous conditions. Organizers decided to hold off on sending out racers at night because of the muddy, rutted and occasionally flood-like conditions. We heard a lot of racers complain about this, but I dunno... something about riding a bike out into a remote area of the desert during a major rainstorm just does not sound like a good idea to this Googler. Call me crazy.

This morning, I awoke ready to ride at 6AMish only to learn that the race had been postponed again. In fact, we didn't get a racer (DaveB) out until 11AM! By then, sunshine had broken through the grey desert canopy. Just thereafter, I had to leave to catch a plane back to NorCal and it was really, really hard to leave Moab just when nice weather returned. Argh!

I guess I wish the race organizers had made their mind up about when they would resume the race much earlier, as that would have saved myself and hundreds of others from getting up @ 6AM for absolutely nothing :-(

Despite all this, I had a killer time through most of this event because of my fellow Googlers and supporters. Everyone was super helpful, kind and fun to hang with.

Best line of the trip: while getting up this morning when it was very cold and very dark outside, I heard one racer shout:

"Hey, does anyone have any sun block?"


Anonymous said...
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Chris Van Ert said...

A few days ago I was jonesing for Moab, but after seeing the weather reports I'm not sorry I skipped it this year. Congrats on finishing both the race and the keg!

. said...
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miroune said...

Hello VTT guys
I am very impressed by your performance there in Nevada !
Anyway, you can visit my Mountain Bike ballads here in france by going on my blog

ET VIVE LE VTT around the world !

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