Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Live Bloggin It

I just got finished setting up the unofficial 24 Hours of Moab Blog. The plan is: get everyone who's coming to the race to sign up and blog, blog, blog. Ride reports are cool, photos are cool, and whatever other stuff you feel like posting probably pretty cool too.

Here's a little deja vu if you've already read my post over there... and if you haven't, enjoy;

"Races are pretty transient things. They come and go. Some riders podium, some riders pinch flat, and most probably go out and drink a few beers after the race. There's really nothing that survives from year to year other than chainring scars and some long lost posts on mtbr. The 24 Hours of Moab Blog is an attempt to change all that, with hundreds of riders posting before, during, and after the event. Candid photos, grueling laps on rigid single speeds, way too many Cliff Bars, lessons learned -- it'll all be there for posterity.

If you're riding or just gonna be there hanging out, sign up for a Blogger account, email so we can hook you up, and post your heart out!

Tell us about yourself, your team, your booth, your training, and your bike. Set up Blogger on the Go and post from your cellphone while you're out riding or doing some team bonding over a pint (or pitcher).

We'll have a digicam, some laptops and, hopefully, an internet connection at the Google Earth booth and you'll be able to log in and post any time during the race. Tell your friends, and your mom, to keep an eye on the blog. She'll be so proud!"


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